Tuesday, August 26, 2008


OK this is not what I wanted to post but sadly this is it. I have written some things (as in poems, songs and stories) but sometimes people are too judgmental. Sometimes I just wanna post something up but its hard because I can't...I wish I knew how to do the copyright thing on here so people wouldn't steal my work...

Anyway, school started and I'm early which is always the case for me. I'm going to go find my friend because I know she has a 9 o'clock class...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A sad day...

Today, I found out that one wonderful person died. Mama Peace. Elaine was an awesome woman, who was strong in her faith. It made me want to be more like her. She had cancer and has been battling it for years. But these past few months hasn't been too good. Before I left for England, I was determain to write something just for her. I wasn't able to see her before I left...so I figured that if I'd write something it would be ok.

I had this chorus in my head for awhile:
Because of you
I stand on solid ground
Because of you
I can climb a moutian
Because of you
I can do all things
You believed in me
You helped me
You see me for who I am
It's because of you

After that I couldn't put words together for the verses. Until Sunday night after VBS I figured it out.
I have the rest of it up on a later date, but the words of the song is finished but the chords aren't where they should be. Until I'm ready to sing (and post the rest of) it for her, even though she's not here with us on earth...Mama Peace will never leave my heart. Thank you, Mama Peace. Love you always.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Home!

Yes, its true I am home in Richmond VA! But I'll tell you one thing it was nice being somewhere else for awhile. I knew that I needed to go because of what's really going on in my life, but I just wish it was with (some not all) different people. It was fun though I did enjoy London and Edinburgh...sorry on spelling.

This picture was taken outside of Dulles airport. pretty good huh? I figured it was a finally home picture because I had to get away from a couple of people who were on the trip. Holy crackers! I would tell you some of the things that happened but it just too much to write at the moment. I'll probably complain later.

I think I'm just trying to find where I am again. Being gone for 16 days kind of throws you in a different direction. You know? But its been an awesome experiance just to go and learn about theatre. I saw 9 plays! Mid-Summer, 12th Night, Taming of the Shrew, Wicked, Avenue Q, Spamalot, Pygmalion, Arcadea, and Lord of the Rings the Musical. How cool is that?! I'll tell you about them when I'm somewhat awake.

Sorry I didn't post like I was planning on doing... But now I'm back and I can post as much as I can remember about the trip.
My awesome friend Sarah took this picture and said that I have a Heart of Gold...I don't know why...I guess I better figure that out.
Have a good night! See you on the flip side!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Morning! Kind of...

Well its another day and tomorrow we'll be off to Scotland and it will be fun! Things have been fun and exciting around here. I'll tell you the truth I don't want to go home, but the trip has to come to an end at some point or another.

Anyway, there will be lots of stories to be told and pictures to be shown. Kerrigan has an online blog which i forgot to meantion. http://www.jtcc.edu/england-scotland/ JTCC had set her up with one so she could update people as well. She's a bit better at it than I am but what can you do? Ha!

Some of my pictures look like post cards...how scary is that?! But that's how good the camera is. Let's see...uh...I have an awesome picture of Kerrigan when we were on the London eye. She'll be happy that a picture is up of her....but probably not this one. hehehehehe....

With that in mind I should head off...and get something to eat...be good and I'll catch everyone when I get home and hopefully have more detail in here.

<-Kerrigan standing on a bench in the London Eye

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


The Globe Theatre

As time goes by quickly I'm not sure if I actually want to leave here. I'm enjoying London. It's a blast of fun! I've been to many shows. Mid-Summer Night's Dream was at The Globe Theatre. Sarah, Kerrigan, Jason and I saw Spamalot. Sarah and I saw Twelfth Night. Then Wicked! and then Avenue Q. Which all were good shows...but I'll will say that some may not want to see Avenue Q because if I know some of the people who actually read this and might respond or comment then I know that it wouldn't be pretty.

Anyway it was a theatre thing. I will say this this has been the best trip. I'm loving it...sorry I know I repeat myself. But its making me want to be in theatre even more. I do have more Pictures to show off, but they are still on my camera and Kerrigan has most of them on her computer. Anyway have a good time back at home....and all that jazz I know I haven't been writing much but its been busy. And I have three more shows to see!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Holy Crackers Batman....

That's just fun to say truthfully. Anyway, things are going great over here. I've been waking up early becuse of the 4:20am sunrise and then having to get up and start going. Anyway Cambrigde was the day before yesterday and I thought that it was amazing. Even though one of the leaders had no idea where he was going. Sometimes roaming around really doesn't get you anywhere unless you really want people to see where they are going....anyway, I won't get into that right now. It was graduation when we went to see Camerbigde (yes my spelling will be offon here ...and it will be a lot off). So it was cool seeing the caps and gowns tha they wore. It was pretty nifty....and note if I was just as smart as those students I would be there in a heart beat.

I'm a little out of it so I'll get off...I'm trying t ocheck my mail but it's not happening at the moment....grr hissssss...Oh just so you know I think you can comment on my blogs...hopefully I'll post what we did yesterday. Later Friends!

Friday, June 27, 2008


YAY! I'm finally here. I've been having a great time hangout seeing the sites and all that jazz. Its been great.
We went to the tower of London on the first day and I should probably meantion that I didn't have any sleep. I may have closed my eyes during the plane ride but it wasn't anything. I couldn't sleep. It was hard to actually stay awake for the day. My professor Kerrigan and my friend Sarah were making sure that I would stay awake during dinner. That was funny. Anyway We also went to the London eye! Now that was cool!
Let's see...oh yesterday, after I got some wonderful sleep! (I swear I slept like a rock!) We headed off to the Globe Theatre. That was really cool. Of course everyone knows I'm a Theatre freak and this is very helpful for my wonderful expericance in Shakespear. Once the tour of The Globe Theatre was over we had some time before the show. My friends, Sarah Jason and I went walking around to find food and we did at a really cool Pub called the Portor's Market. That was some good food. And yes I am eating over here. IF you know me you know that I don't eat a lot, but don't worry I'm eating. So anyway We went back to the Globe to watch the awesome Mid-Summer Night's Dream. That was amazing! I like beening a groundling. Even though I did have to stand for a while. But its worth it. I got blessed by a Fairy.
Well, after that wonderful production Kerrigan, Jason, Sarah and I went off to seek out for another show to see. Note walking from one part of London to the other is not good on knees. So we found a good show called Spamalot! That was great. I enjoyed it. Then it was off to bed for me.
Nothing is like it when you're having the time watching awesome theatre with wonderful actors. I'm actually debating on moving over here...don't kill me please its just a thought. Anyway, I should go now. Things to do and more pictures to take! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm off!

Well, everyone, I guess I'll be heading off now...well, somewhat. I'll be in Midlothian soon and then off to Dulles. Yep, the trip has started and it might be awhile before I'll post. Its going to be fun and I'm excited to go. Anyway have a great week and don't miss me too much!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Traveling to England and Scotland!

Hey everyone!

I just thought I'd make a blog for you guys. The only problem would be that I wouldn't be able to be posting all the time while I'm away. I would be too much of a computer geek.
I just figured that this would be a little easier to tell people what's going on. There will be time for me to get on here and type something up for you, but I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

I'll be leaving on Tuesday to go to Midlothian to meet up with 17 other people who will be joining me on this trip. The thing is I'll be taking a couple of classes while I'm there. It'll be fun though while I'm there. Anyway, we'll take a coach to Dulles, then we'll leave there around 6:30pm and get to London around 6:55am. It's going to be a long day.

So this should be a good trip for me. But I would have to ask if you have my cell number please don't call (or text) unless its important. I know that I don't get a lot of calls, but you never know. I ask of you please don't call me until I get back. :-)
I'll be posting another site on here for pictures and hopefully I can post some one here so you don't have to go site to site.

Everything is good and I'm excited. I'm ready to go and I hope that everyone has a good week. Have fun at VBS!
Shannon Marie