Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working title-- Faith

I am weak
And I feel so lost
Sometimes I feel like
I can't go on another day
But then in the smallest voice I hear

I am here
By your side
Just listen to my voice 
And know I'm here
Just look for me
I will never leave you
Because I'm right by your side
You have the faith 
You have me in your heart
Just look for me 
I'm right here by your side 

My eyes open wide
To see your face 
But as I realize 
Faith is sure of what 
I hope for and certain of what I do not see
But I see you Lord
Everyday watching over me
Even through my darkest hours
And I glad I'm reminded 

That you're by my side
I just need to listen to your voice 
And know you're here
Just look for you
You'll  will never leave me
Because you're right by my side
I have the faith 
I have you in your heart
I just need look for you
You're right here by my side

I will never be weak again
Because I got you on my side 
All I need is to keep my faith
And remember the easiest thing that is easily forgotten on crazy days
That you're by my side 
And will never leave me
The only thing you ask me to do is to look for you everyday 

It's a song...the music is in my head but it could be a poem

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I work too much

Ok so since I've gotten this job, I haven't written anything good. (Except my prayer) i've been busy and I'm not complaining...well I am a little because I can't think in a creative mode...because I work too much...anyway, hopefully I'll have something soon... hopefully...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So what I hear is that the world is ending soon...

Yes its probably true but do we really know when? I believe that when God is ready to take us home that He will. Jesus will come down and take us.

I know I haven't been the best daughter of Christ in...a long time, but I try to be good and try to live by what my Father in Heaven wants me to do. I have been lost and pushed God out of my life because of the things that's been happening in it. I'm not proud of it. I'm scared that I pushed Him too far gone out of my life, but I really haven't. I go to church every Sunday, but that's just being a Sunday Christain. Now if I was a better Christain I would be able to tell you what I learn in the Bible faster than I can now. I used to be really good at remembering what Bible verses...but now, life is...complicated. I don't like it.

I feel like I was lost before my dad died and now I have a gut feeling that...I'll be lost forever. My head is doubting and my gut is telling me something. I know what I need to do, is just doing it is the problem. I'm scared of the pain to die. I'm scared that I'll be alone when the time comes. But these fears need to go away like now...but I am only human. So I'm going to write this prayer...

You are amazing. You gave me life and kept me safe. I've taken them for granted for so long that I got lost in the world and haven't gone to You when I needed You the most. I'm sorry for disapointing You and I'm sorry for not trusting you like I should. I pray that people will see You through me and that I can make you proud of me. I would like to be with You when You're ready to have me with You. I know I say this but the people down here are predicting when Jesus is coming and when the world is going to end, but I have to listen to You and wait for You to come get me. Because You already know this but its Your time that I'm waiting for, not mine. Thank you Lord for blessing me and loving me. I give You my heart and soul a long time ago, but I really need to give it to You again. I love You Lord and I thank you.
Love Your Daughter,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

So...yeah... Monday sucked....

On Monday of this week, there was an accident on Walnut Grove...don't worry no one was hurt and it wasn't my fault. its too long of a story and to complicated right now, just wanted to write something saying, "I'm still around just busy...and nothing creative going on.." =(

This week has been insane anyway since Monday. I better go to work. So Have a good day...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


How can it be May?! It was just Easter yesterday!! Ok, maybe I'm over-reacting a bit...maybe this "spring forward" isn't helping much. Let's see what's going on in my world...other than realizing I was being jealous for no perticular reason...oh wait nope they're is a reason...just cna't talk about it at the moment.

Oh well...I must go so I can try and sleep or better yet, watch some SVU.
Have a good day/night! Keep Smiling! {I'll try to write something creative later.}