Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if things will go right. I mean I know that I'm a sinner and I have trust issues but... Is it bad to want someone who will take your issues and every problem you have from the past away?
I have a problem then... My problem is that I want a particular person and we're talking...but I don't think he wants me like I want him. I know I'm a hopeless romantic. I have that problem in wanting love and being able to love. I trust him and he shockingly knows that but I don't think he takes it seriously. Yep....PROBLEM!!
I'm at a lost...and I am a bit lost, but that's a lot to admit to people who really don't read this... Though who knows maybe I'm wrong today because of my venting to the whole world about this nothingness.
Anyway, I should go and look for my card...yep another problem that I usually don't have but this time I do.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Holy crap!! I just realized that I'm just second best...why did this realization just hit? Well, probably because I suggested something to a guy that I've been talking to as in hanging out...and he turned me down...but this happens a lot. Sometimes I would like to be the girl that a guy can go to and ask out and be able to go out and hang out with friends or family.
I'm just a bloody hopeless romantic I guess...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleep deprived

Ok so, who knew someone could wake up smiling and have a great day...until night falls and they couldn't sleep. Then the next day is an ok day not great but good enough....

Well, that was me waking up with a smile on my face and then today having an ok day. I couldn't sleep because I was thinking. About what? Well about a guy which is never a good thing but at the same time it is... Sometimes you just want to sleep and that's what I wanted to do, but I hacks him in my head. That never helps. Sooner or later I will be able to say that "I'm taken sorry boys- you had your chance." That's what I'm going to say one of these days...
Anyway, just needed to vent a bit... Have a good day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes I'm 4 days late but I've been working a lot...yeah nothing new about that...but you also know that that means no creativity! NO!!!

I need to write something. I need to make something creative on here...or get some inspriation from someone or something...I don't know what to do anymore. Well, I must go and either figure out how much I need to change each story that I've written.

Have a good month...hopefully I'll be back before Feb.