Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Firehouse Theatre Project

I usually don't do reviews or anything like that because I am very biased, but....This show is amazing!!! The cast is amazing and meshed with the band it completly blows you away. If you don't go see the show then its you're loss, because when you see a 6'3" man in heels to make him 6'6"...that takes skills!! I have a lot of friends in this show and I am a friend of the director's and the music director's so this tells you that I am biased on the show because of these brilant minds in it. This cast right here is worth every piece of your money that's in your pocket or wallet to see.

Nick Aliff (Riff Raff), Matt Beyer (Eddie/Dr. Scott), Michael Hawke (The Narrator), Chris Hester (Rocky Horror), Maggie Horan (Columbia), Joy Newsome (Magenta), Nick Shackleford (Brad), Terence Sullivan (Frank N. Furter), Aly Wepplo (Janet).Katie Ford, Alex Gerber, Mauricio Marc├ęs, Sasha Wakefield, Joe Winters, Katherine Wright.

As Jase Smith's vision of this show has completely come to life with these actors...but it doesn't fullfil until Leilani Giles puts her magic touch to the music aspects of it all with her three main men on the scene really making her job seem so easy, Bentley Cobb on the drums, Dane Magoon on the bass, and Grant Oliver on the guitar. As the lyrics and music come along Maggie Marlin never disapoints with her choroagraphy. Once David A McLain come into the idea as the lights and set comepletely blows you away. Then you can't go wrong having Sharon Gregory as the Stage Manager who keeps everything in check.

Granted this might be the weirdest thing that you ever read but I will tell you this if you don't see this show you will regret it and I won't lie to you when it comes to this show. Jase Smith has created something that no one in Richmond would have ever imagined.

 Get your tickets now!! I promise you won't regret it--Just remember its for Mature Audiences don't I say I didn't worn you or say that I said its a kid show cause its not.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I hate myself

Reason why? Well I love too much and everybody knows this. So the ones I love know that I'll drop everything that I'm doing and go help or get something for them...the problem is I hate that I do this and then beat the crap out of myself because I get walked all over with it. I'm so...aggravated with myself because I'll do anything and they won't do shit! So I guess I'm the idiot and get walked over because that's who I am and it won't's sad...I'm sad...

Friday, July 13, 2012


Ok I know when a family member is in trouble we step up to the plate and help them out with whatever it is. Well, this family, my family I too giving. I love my family don't get me wrong but I can't respect anyone who says that they are going to pay you back and then don't because they go on a camping trip.
I'm sorry but this needs to stop... Some people don't have enough money to give to the family to help them out-especially when they have enough money to go on family trips themselves. It pisses me off!! No one should be asking my mom my aunts or my grandma for money. If you're already working hard and spending your money correctly and then get stuck ask--but if I find out and say you're going to pay them back and don't. Don't you dare come crawling to them and ask cause I'll step in and say HELL NO!! Get your ass together and think about what you're doing with your money!

Sorry that's what needed to be said where my family won't actually read it. Thank you for either ignoring this or whatever you do when you read this random blog.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hate this feeling

I hate not knowing what he's thinking. He hasn't talked to me or anything...he makes me nervous and I think I've pushed him too far. My emotions have been in roller coaster mode and I hate it. I want him and I told I lost him. I hate this feeling of being scared of what he's thinking. I deserve his silence and I deserve this feeling, but I deserve to be able to move on...sadly I have a feeling I won't be able to. Again I hate this feeling.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

So yes I was doing well until I get a phone call from the one I TRUELY love... My heart literally skips a beat and I have fallen hard all over again. I hate feeling like I'm trapped. But he is all I can think about and that's what makes it worse...wait, the book I'm reading reflexes a lot on me and I have realized that the book explains everything that I feel about this guy. What that he won't talk to me!! Augh! I just wish I could move on. He doesn't want me....I see that, but my heart and mind won't stop! I know I will always love him, but I jut wish he would make a move or just let me know that everything is ok and that he is actually moving on...or that he's thinking of me... Sometimes, I wish I could be that girl that a guy would want. I am content on being single, but I want to have something more. I want to have a man who will actually want to be with me and isn't ashamed to show me off, who wants me with their family and them with mine. I don't want to be a secret love but apparently I am one and I have one because I can't tell a soul on who it is. His sisters are my friends and I just can't seem to tell them or ask them questions on how he's doing. I love his family just as much as I love him.
That is my weakness, this guy who won't say a word to me, unless it's something simple and sweet that I say to him first. Geez...wish I didn't love so hard. Damn you love for killing me and letting me know that I love way too hard for anyone.