Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who’s Your Real Prayer Partner?

Go away
You were never
A part of me
You made me
The way I am
What’s that?
You may ask
Let’s see
I’m scared
To love someone
I’m scared
To trust someone
Because of you
I can’t let the one guy
Who is willing
To deal with me
To put up
With all my drama
In my life
Because of you
I can’t trust
The one person
Who can make me
Feel like I’m
Meant to be with him
Because of you
I fear that
When I’m over
The trusting and marry
That he’ll leave me
For his “prayer partner”
But I have to
Remember that
Just do me a favor
Stay away from me
Just because
You’re half my DNA
Doesn’t mean that
You’re a part of me
Have fun with
Your next sucker
Who is your
“Prayer partner”

This doesn't mean that pryaer partners are bad, they are long as you don't cheat on your wife or husband with them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ok some of these will not have titles...and they might never have titles...just giving the heads up...
Oh and in this might not like me for because...I put the f-bomb in i'll secer it...but you know its there..

Why do you have to lie?
If you don’t
Want to talk
Just say so…
But don’t lie
To me
I’m sorry
That I worry about you
I’m sorry
That I am too f-ing loyal
I can’t help that
I care about you
If you don’t want me
To care about you
Then tell me
I’ll do my best
To stop caring
But I can’t make
A promise that
I know in my heart
That I can’t keep

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is It Right? (working title)

Though it seems weird
And we can’t
Get things right
Love is one of
Those things that
We can’t control
It hits us in the face
And sometimes we
Don’t see it
Love is a feeling
That we want to block
That we want to protect
Because the hurt
Is so painful
That we shield
What we are really
Feeling inside