Saturday, January 12, 2013


Apparently people are worried about me. I don't know why exactly...wait a second. I do. When a boy broke me into pieces and they don't think I can bring myself back up...or I'm too much into the "world" and following into others footsteps.

Here's the thing; the boy that broke me, is a great friend. We made not act like friends, but we are friends and he respects my opinion as much as I respect his. We are friends and he is happy that is all I wanted for him. That's important to me.

As people think I'm not following the right crowd, they need to get over it. Because maybe I'm an example for them. I may not be a the best Child of God but I'm sure as hell that I have people that respect me and don't care what I believe in.

Why worry about someone when you don't want to be one on one with someone to talk? Don't get me wrong, but I'll think its suspicious when people want to hang out with me one on one unless we've done it before. But if you're so worried please send me a note or something saying it and wanting to know what's up. Or just come out and ask the question that you're dying to know.

This is life, I'm not the prettiest girl in the world, but I'm worth the risk to take out or be a friend to. I don't want family members on their tiptoes around me. Granted I am tired of the bull that they give me, but this is LIFE!!! I'm trying to take my own advice and I myself need to GET OVER IT!!! Life is short and I may be wasting it just by writing this. So I'll end with this. Take the risk in asking the question that's on your bloody mind and take the risk of me giving you a straight answer or wait til I'm ready to tell you what's going on.