Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surrounded by idots....~Scar from Lion King

don't get me wrong or anything i love the people that i'm with....but the fact of the matter is that i can't think and i can't with people in the room. i'm working on a'm writing and i can't think. its dangerous but at the same time...its a good thing that i can't think, but if i want to get a story done then i will never be done.

i need sleep too...i'm out of it and i just need to write as much as i can...ok i'm going to try to get through this as they talk.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Long time no posting....scary

Well, let's see the last time I wrote was when I was in London....or Scotland...or in Virginia at school. Something to that effect. Anyway, now you're looking at a Cast Member at Disney World. No I can not give you free tickets even if you asked. Anyway, I've been working hard on a lot of things down here. I work in costuming at Hollywood Stuidos. Its been a blast. I work at Beauty and the Beast, Block Party Bash (the parade), Lights! Motor! Action! Extreme Stunt Show, and will be training at High School Musical 3.

Its been a great adventure for me and I will stay here until January 2, 2010. I'm loving it but the thing is that I need to plan a trip home for a little bit. I've been here since January 28, 2009. But its been awesome! I've met wonderful people and I work with amazing people who are willing to help me succeed, which is amazing!

I should go ahead and go now. I have to be ready for another day down here and it should be FUN!