Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Firehouse Theatre Project

I usually don't do reviews or anything like that because I am very biased, but....This show is amazing!!! The cast is amazing and meshed with the band it completly blows you away. If you don't go see the show then its you're loss, because when you see a 6'3" man in heels to make him 6'6"...that takes skills!! I have a lot of friends in this show and I am a friend of the director's and the music director's so this tells you that I am biased on the show because of these brilant minds in it. This cast right here is worth every piece of your money that's in your pocket or wallet to see.

Nick Aliff (Riff Raff), Matt Beyer (Eddie/Dr. Scott), Michael Hawke (The Narrator), Chris Hester (Rocky Horror), Maggie Horan (Columbia), Joy Newsome (Magenta), Nick Shackleford (Brad), Terence Sullivan (Frank N. Furter), Aly Wepplo (Janet).Katie Ford, Alex Gerber, Mauricio Marc├ęs, Sasha Wakefield, Joe Winters, Katherine Wright.

As Jase Smith's vision of this show has completely come to life with these actors...but it doesn't fullfil until Leilani Giles puts her magic touch to the music aspects of it all with her three main men on the scene really making her job seem so easy, Bentley Cobb on the drums, Dane Magoon on the bass, and Grant Oliver on the guitar. As the lyrics and music come along Maggie Marlin never disapoints with her choroagraphy. Once David A McLain come into the idea as the lights and set comepletely blows you away. Then you can't go wrong having Sharon Gregory as the Stage Manager who keeps everything in check.

Granted this might be the weirdest thing that you ever read but I will tell you this if you don't see this show you will regret it and I won't lie to you when it comes to this show. Jase Smith has created something that no one in Richmond would have ever imagined.

 Get your tickets now!! I promise you won't regret it--Just remember its for Mature Audiences don't I say I didn't worn you or say that I said its a kid show cause its not.

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