Friday, July 13, 2012


Ok I know when a family member is in trouble we step up to the plate and help them out with whatever it is. Well, this family, my family I too giving. I love my family don't get me wrong but I can't respect anyone who says that they are going to pay you back and then don't because they go on a camping trip.
I'm sorry but this needs to stop... Some people don't have enough money to give to the family to help them out-especially when they have enough money to go on family trips themselves. It pisses me off!! No one should be asking my mom my aunts or my grandma for money. If you're already working hard and spending your money correctly and then get stuck ask--but if I find out and say you're going to pay them back and don't. Don't you dare come crawling to them and ask cause I'll step in and say HELL NO!! Get your ass together and think about what you're doing with your money!

Sorry that's what needed to be said where my family won't actually read it. Thank you for either ignoring this or whatever you do when you read this random blog.

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