Monday, August 1, 2011

Always Alone?

I am always by myself so I am a loner...but I'm never alone, though I feel extremely alone. I don't have to go out, but it's nice every now and then I would like to go out with my friends that I don't see often. When I was going out, hanging with a friend of mine, but I felt like e was being hidden from out mutual friends... So what did I do??? I stopped hanging out with him alone. We acted like a couple when we weren't and that ended the going out, hanging out, or whatever...

You're probably thinking, "What? Shannon Marie isn't going out?! She's a theatre person, they go out all the time, what's wrong?"
That might be stereotyping, but even when was working in the theatre, I didn't go out... I just started going out after shows during 'Love Kills'. I have never been a party matter what I do...I'll be a loner. People will say that I can change... You're right I COULD change, but it will be me. I am who I am. I am truthfully shy, a hard worker, will listen to your problems and try to put a smile on your face while encouraging you and letting you know everything will be ok and that you're loved. 

What can I say? That's who I am... Painfully shy until I let someone in and become a big goofball to make people laugh. 

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