Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Sunday

Tomorrow is only another Sunday 
And it will begin 
The week of searching 
Which never ends well
Another week of not 
Seeing you seated
In your spot
Another week of 
Not being a friend
Just a distant memory
Which is what it's 
Turning out to be 
So only dreams will remain 
Or random texting of 
How we should meet
And it's the only thing 
That keeps somewhat 
Of a relationship
Who knows where things lead
Maybe it wasn't meant to be
Anything more than 
Just a friendship
But still on Sunday
I seek for you 
And you won't be there 
Because you have a life 
Of your own 
And the only contact 
We'll have is through texting
And that doesn't help 
A relationship at all
So let the dreams
And random texting begin again
What's another week 
Without seeing you
A broken friend 
Who will just encourage you
And I'll keep my distance 
That's all that I'll do
Keep bugging you with quotes 
And stay in the back 
Of the gym seeking 
For a friendship that won't happen
Because I push too hard for it 
And then I'll push it away
Because that's what I do...
Let Sunday come 
Another week will start
With work being in the way
And another nights alone for me
As my world crumbles 
For something that's 
Not going to happen

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