Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Friend or foe? Or false friend all together?

Why am I writing about friends? Well for one thing I do have a lot of friends and some I consider family. But when it comes to my amazing husband I wonder if he chose his friends. We both have a giving heart and willing to give our shirts to anyone who actually needs it. We will do anything for a friend, but do we see the abuse or the actual real friendship going nowhere? 
We invited our friends and family to the wedding to show our love to each other and to have our friends come and see our commintment to one another. Most of my friends couldn't make it because of ablugations that couldn't be helped and I understood. But when his one friend says that he has the flu and then turns around and does something else...that pisses me off. My husband did a lot of things for him and now he's treating him like dirt. I'm not a happy camper. They can still be friends but my husband isn't going to be a whipping boy for him. That's what their friendship was and I'm sorry but I hope that my friends and new people will come into my husbands life to show that you don't have to do stuff for one another (mostly on one sided friendship) just to be friends. 
I'm proud of my husband and if anything happens to him I will seriously hurt whoever hurts him. That's a promise I will keep. 

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