Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stupid girl

Why do you let your heart
Give so much?
Why do you even try?
Once was enough
Now twice
Get over it, babe
If he's not willing to fight
Why should you?
Obviously you're too good for him
If you weren't then you'd be
Right by his side
You knew when he texted you again
You would let your heart
Take control
Why did you even try?
Hoping something will change?
Hoping he'll actually be a man
And step up to the plate?
He's not worth it
If he's not going to try
No girl should be kept a secret
I know you love him still
But this time...
You need to let him go
Don't be a stupid girl
And let him walk all over you
Be proud of the fact
That he missed his chance
And be patient for the one
That's willing to be by your side
Who will take you out
Who isn't afraid of your past
And the baggage that you put on the table
Please don't be that stupid girl
That I know you'll become again
As soon as he texts you
Or when you see him again

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